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      Learn to windsurf! We offer all levels of instruction...from Day 1 to Foiling to Forward Loops.

      Lessons are 1.5 hours, and include on-land and in-water instruction, with a maximum of three students per one instructor. We can accommodate larger groups or do custom clinics upon request.

      All of our instructors have years of experience teaching at multiple schools, and use ABK Boardsports and Tricktionary as our blueprint. We're passionate about helping you progress safely and stay addicted to the best sport on the planet.


      For Intermediate / Advanced Lessons:

      • Gear is included upon request, including modern demo gear
      • "Advanced" means anything from planing jibe, waterstart, shortboard tack, and chop hop - to old and new school freestyle (carving 360, vulcan, etc)
      • Cancellations due to low wind are not recommended, unless you're already proficient at tacking a board while it's underwater, sailing without a fin, backwinding, low-wind waterstarts, sailing back during a strong flood, and clew-first sailing :) Safety and progression depend on your ability to sail in all conditions, with the sail and board in any and all positions! However, we strive to schedule lessons during favorable conditions. If you're not 100% satisfied we will re-schedule!

      For Foil Lessons

      • Foil gear is included - we use the Slingshot foil with a short mast, so you can ease into flying high. This foil offers a slow, controllable ride.

      Class takes place one Sherman Island at Sherman Island County Park. The teaching beach has shallow water and a protected area perfect for learning.


        • Swimwear - Most students are comfortable in boardshorts and a synthetic top (cotton is not recommended). Shorty wetsuit rental is included, or you can purchase one at the shop. Most people are warm enough without a wetsuit since the class is taught in shallow water, but if you tend to get cold we recommend wearing one.
        • Water shoes - We do not have water shoes available for rent, but we have some for purchase. They are not required (teaching takes place on a sandy beach), but some people like the extra assurance in case of debris on the beach.
        • Please also bring Sunscreen, Drinks, Snacks (there are no water fountains at the park)
        • The County Park requires a $5 Day Pass or a $50 Season Pass, both available for cash or card purchase at the park

        Please check-in at the shop before your lesson. Instruction takes place on a sandy beach 10 minutes drive from the shop. Happy sailing!

        For refunds, please give us 24 hours notice so our instructors are able to plan accordingly. Thank you!

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