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      · The shape and profile of the WR have been optimized for better stability and refined power.

       · The canopy is naturally tensioned for a perfect profile definition at all times. This creates a very direct response to input, with no flutter when sheeting out and unmatched stability when neutrally flown while riding a wave.

      · The long semi-rigid handles have been improved for maximum maneuverability and comfort. Letting you easily move your hands back and forth without having to let go of a handle to grasp the next.

       · New triple ripstop fabric and kevlar seam reinforcements provide greater profile support, greater durability, and longevity. 

       · We are now offering a new size of 4.5m to the range to suit all conditions and all riders.

      These new upgrades translate into a significant performance improvement. Thanks to its amazing stability and forward drive, the new WR will take you from your first hesitant wing riding moments to the most advanced rides; be it wave riding, downwind cruising, jumping, speed runs, it adapts to whatever radical variation your imagination can take it. 

      The WR III revolutionize your ride. 

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