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      The smaller Legacy’s are designed for wave and bump & jump. The larger sizes are built for freeride blasting. At the heart of it, the Legacy is ready to go to battle for anyone…from the PWA circuit (Graham Ezzy’s sail of choice for light wind competition) to recreational enthusiasts.


      “The Legacy has everything you need and nothing you don’t need. The Legacy reminds me of the days when I was getting full-on custom sails built for competition, they had none of the marketing b.s. that people think they need but don’t really. This sail is a classic Ezzy design, pure and simple. “

      Kevin Pritchard – Ezzy Team Rider


      Legacy Sail Features:
      - No-cam sail.
      - 5 battens 4.2-5.8 sizes
      - 6 battens 6.5-7.5 sizes
      - RBS battens in strategic locations for added strength.
      - High density Spectra X-ply sail cloth in tack area.
      - Progressive batten spacing = smoother twist properties.
      - Spectra X-ply and vinyl window = No Monofilm.
      - Built in Tack pulley.
      - Built in Mast pad.
      - Adjustable top haul /cap system (Short strap only).
      - Includes Sail bag!
      - Built to last.

      Please note: 

      Above is an example of colors, but Legacy color schemes frequently change due to production availability. We cannot guarantee color availability or consistency as the Legacy is produced from remnant materials.

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