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      What's new on the 5? We added an internal thermoset resin rail which massively improves the connection between the top and bottom Cartan carbon laminates for a proper unibody build. We reduced our Paulownia wood core's weight by switching to lighter laminated Paulownia, saving approximately 250g. We added a grab rail for the freestylers. And we improved the channels and outline for the freeriders. Jump on the Fusion 5 and have incredibly good sessions.

      • Cartan® Carbon: CORE's proprietary 30° biaxial carbon fiber weave optimizes torsional and longitudinal flex for a unique riding experience.
      • New Unibody Edge: Improved connection between top and bottom.
      • New Lighter 3D Wood Core: Even lighter, CNC’d marine-grade Paulownia
      • New Multi-Channels: Unbelievable grip and upwind tracking.
      • New Katana Channels: Improved tip response.
      • New Beveled Deck: Improved deck stiffness.
      • New Tucked Under Rails: Improved performance in chop.
      • Vario Rails: Variable rail thickness for better control.
      Package Includes
      • Board
      • 48mm Fin Set for 133cm and larger size boards | 42cm Fin set on 129cm size board
      • Board Handle

      *Strap Kit Sold Separately

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