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      Duotone's Take - GOLD.90 SERIES 

      The Gold.90 series is the most lightweight and highest performing mast in its class due to its excellent dynamics and balanced bend curve. It's made from 90% high-tech T700 carbon, giving you better performance and higher load reserves. It is manufactured with the state-of-the-art prepreg design and is technologically identical to the Platinum and more affordable! The Gold.90 is light and extremely durable, a high-end mast for all ranges of use. 

      Register your product with Duotone right after purchase for the Two Year Unlimited Warranty.

      Key Features

      • Carbon: 90%
      • Carbon-quality: T700
      • Resin-quality: SENTEX
      • Comes with padded mast bag
      • Natural white polyamide outside protection (SDM)
      • 2 year unconditional warranty

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