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        PLATINUM AERO 3.0 SERIES Details

        The Aero 3.0 is ultra-lightweight, ultra-dynamic and ultra playful. It makes every rig light as a feather, whether you're on flat water or moderate waves. This mast offers striking handling, reflex and an unprecedented level of performance reach. The 2019 Duotone Platinum Aero 3.0 series embodies everything that is currently technologically conceivable. This model possesses an optimized bend curve and improved reflex dynamics without increasing the weight of the sail - just one kilogram, roughly 2.2 pounds.

        What makes this mast different is the slightly increased diameter, the highest-quality construction and the revolutionary extremely lightweight D4 shield. These combine to make the Platinum Aero 3.0 the most exclusive high-end freestyle mast in the world.

        PLATINUM AERO 3.0 SERIES Tech Specs

        Model RDM 370 RDM 400 RDM 430
        IMCS 17 19 21
        Weight (kg) 1.05 1.25 1.35
        Carbon (%) 100 100 100
        Carbon Quality T900 T900 T900
        Resin Quality
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