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      The downside of seam-shaping is a slightly more noticeable rotation than flatter designs. Yet for riders who fall in love with Ezzy's they see the extra power seam-shaping gives you through gybes, and bottom-turns as a worthwhile trade off. Looking at riders like Graham Ezzy and Kevin Pritchard, it's obvious that once you are comfortable on the sail there's no limit to what it's capable of.

      The rotation become less noticeable with the addition of a Dacron luff panel that softens up the sail. As a bonus the Dacron luff panel also makes rigging a bit more simple, as when inserting the mast the sail can now fold in the boom area without damaging the cloth.


      Manufacturer's Info:

      The Elite is our “desert island” sail—our choice for every kind of condition, from flat-water to double-mast high surf.

      Building an all-weather sail is much more challenging than building a sail with a single sailing style. The Elite needs to be maneuverable enough to rip up sideshore waves at Hookipa and onshore waves in Pozo. The Elite must be powerful enough to deal with the strong current and gusty winds in the North Atlantic and stable enough to have fun when the winds blow hard but the water is flat.

      The only way to design something so complicated and multi-faceted as the Elite is by focusing on one refinement at a time. The latest Elite is the culmination of decades of R&D. During the creation of the first edition of the  Elite, we developed the calibrated rigging system to take the guess work out of rigging, and we were able to implement that system in all of our other sails. Every single aspect of the Elite has a purpose and a story behind it.

      Through adjusting the shape and the materials, we have found a way to create a sail that feels on the hundredth day the same way it did right out of the bag—no loss of performance over time due to deformation. And at the same time, we work every year to expand the wind range one or two knots so we don’t need to re-rig as often. Further, tweaks in the material reduce the sail's weight or make it quicker to get planing.

      We build the Elite in our very own factory because that is the only way we can insure 100% Ezzy quality. Every single sail is rigged, calibrated, and thoroughly checked before it goes in the bag and out the door. At its heart, the Elite is a sail made for windsurfers who love windsurfing—in all conditions.