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      You can always rely on the TEAM's choice, no matter if you feel like shredding some waves, pushing the limits of speed or just going freeriding. In endless hours on the water we created this harness together with our top wave riders and racers. The softer flex and high outline combined with Hyper_Foam provide loads of comfort. The fully-molded EVA and silicon print keep everything in place so you can focus on your riding.

      Key features

      Fully_Moulded EVA - Complete mould, no water absorption
      Neo_Belt - Improved flex, twist and comfort
      Silicon Print - to make sure your harness stays on the right place

      Size Inch CM
      XS 25''-29'' 63,5-73
      S 28''-31'' 71-78
      M 30''-33'' 76-83,8
      L 32''-35'' 81-89
      XL 34''-37'' 86-94
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