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      The Freestyle offers easy uphauling and plenty of float to get you up on the foil in the lightest breezes. Featuring both a Tuttle box and track mount, the Freestyle 115 allows you to attach almost any foil and place the lift exactly where your style dictates. A centerline 3-footstrap option provides for controlled wave riding and switch stance freestyle moves. Opting for the more outboard, 4 strap configuration provides great upwind and downwind angles. If you want to ride waves, pull the latest freestyle tricks, or you simply enjoy the control of 3 inboard straps... the Freestyle 115 will allow you to play in unbelievably light winds. 

      Center back strap sold separately: Slingshot Surf Strap

      • Reinforced Foil Track & Tuttle box
      Built tough to take all the force a foil can leverage. All the boxes are set
      into PVC block which is tied into the double T-Stringses providing I-Beam
      strength. The dual track and tuttle systems allow you to mount just about any foil and precisely place the center of lift for your riding style.
      • Biax Carbon Layup
      We start with an ultra light EPS foam core wrapped with higher density PVC
      foam. A PVC Carbon stringer runs down the middle of the boards, combined
      with glass wrapped T-Stringer to either side providing I-beam strength.
      Covered top and bottom with Biax Carbon.
      • 3 Strap or 4 Strap Options
      Whether you demand inboard straps for wave-riding and radical maneuvers
      or outboard straps for insane reaching ability. Strap it up to suit your style.
      • Tail & Rail Cutouts
      Allow for early planing release when you are trying to break f ree of the water and onto the foil.
      • Deep Double Concave Bottom Shape
      Displacing water on touchdown for smoother re-entry no matter how hot you
      are coming in.
      • Full Deckpad
      Our Cushy EVA foam deckpad covers the whole tail of the board so no matter where your Hula dance takes you, your feet will be feeling fine!


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