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      Board Repair

      We can repair almost anything wrong with your board. Fin boxes, mast tracks, soft decks and of course the inevitable nose dings. With an extensive selection of cloths and foams we match the materials that your board was originally made with to ensure a repair that doesn't lead to more damage down the road.

      Prices vary by the extent of the damage as well as the cosmetic detail you're looking for, but here are some rough estimates with a basic paint job.

      Small Ding - $40

      Typical Nose Ding - $75

      Extreme Nose Repair - $150

      Soft Deck Replacement - $200

      Fin/Mast Box Replacement - $150

      Monster Grip Deck Re-spray - $75


      Sail Repair

      Peter Jones has been building and repairing sails longer than he can remember. He offers sail repair and boom re-gripping. Drop-off and pick-up at the shop.

      Contact Peter directly at (619) 518-1660



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